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I Swear This Is An RP Blog: A Musical 

Featuring such hits as

  • Maybe I’ll RP Today and its reprise No Wait Nevermind
  • What Was The Plot of This RP Again?
  • Fuck My Partner Deleted Their Blog

And the ever classic

  • I’m a Lazy Bastard

Starring everyone’s favourite 

  •  Nobody’s replied and its reprise Fuck everyone’s replied
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when people tag me in random starters (◕ ‿ ◕ ✿) 

when people tag my character in photos with theirs (⊙ ‿ ⊙ ✿)

when people mention my character in separate threads (⊙ ω ⊙ ✿)

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sceadux-deactivated20140603: lara jean chorostecki

Name: Willena Lidstone
Fandom: Multifandom/American Horror Story: Coven/Harry Potter/Fantasy
Profile: From a young age, Willena has shown an incredible gift for magic. Specializing in potions and alteration, she helps the people in her town with anything and everything that ails them.
Personality: Gentle, kind, intelligent, gregarious.
Notes: All I could think of was Madam Rosmerta and the Hobbit lady Sam Gamgee marries at the end of Lord of the Rings. She looks like an older, modern Merida, too.

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Anonymous: Anna Kendrick

Name: Kallian Tabris
Fandom: Dragon Age
Profile: Kallian is a City Elf living in the Alienage in Denerim when her life is forever changed. After the murder of her betrothed, she escaped with Duncan and joins the Grey Wardens to fulfill her destiny of saving Ferelden.
Personality: Jaded, distrusting, ruthless.
Notes: Another not really OC but whatev my OC ideas are horrible and cliched and here if anyone is thinking of making a Tabris I think Anna is very good thank.

formerbravo-archived: [ OC meme ] Josh Holloway

Name: Irvine Beaumont
Fandom: Historical (Old West), Red Dead Redemption, Firefly
Profile: When his family home is set ablaze in an act of cruelty, Irvine sets out on a journey for vengeance.
Personality: Brooding, charming, dangerous.
Notes: Tbh I had to reach for this one because I think he’d make a really awesome Edward Kenway or even an Anders. 

vidarrson: Sienna Guillory??

((I have a couple bear with me.))

Name: Leila Shepard
Fandom: Mass Effect
Psych Profile: Renegon, Colonial, War Hero.
Personality: Efficient, professional, distant, and level-headed. 
Notes: I know Shepard really isn’t an OC but shhh I’m taking liberties.

Name: Claire “Lightning” Faron
Fandom: Final Fantasy
Career Profile: Ex-Guardian Corps Lieutenant, wanted L’Cie, Guardian of Valhalla, Savior.
Personality: Sarcastic, brooding, defiant, stubborn, hard-hearted.
Notes: Look anOTher canon but um ok look at this shit and tell me she’s not perfect.

Name: Epona
Fandom: Historical (Irish History)/Fantasy
Profile: One of a league of female warriors, she follows the Celtic queen Boudicca into battle against the Romans.
Personality: Fearless, magnanimous, charismatic, spiritual.
Notes: Idk man I saw her on a horse and I couldn’t get the image out of my mind. 

Send me a faceclaim and I’ll give you the first ideas for an OC that comes to mind.

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