Character Study; the amorous nature

Shae is her most vibrant when she is in love. She is drawn to the excitement, passion, and sheer adventure of romance. Her attitude toward life is enthusiastic and positive, and being in love intensifies these glowing feelings. Where another woman might walk around in a dreamlike haze, Shae in love positively radiates happiness and energy.

To her, love is not just passion but a challenge. Shae finds domesticity boring. She is the perfect playmate but only as long as she finds the game worth playing. She is not one to make the best of a bad bargain. If she is unhappy, she won’t resign herself or compromise or try to work things out. She’ll just walk out.

She can’t take love as seriously as other women do. It’s part of life to her, not the end or the beginning. If she finds a man who’s a real companion, who shares her pleasures, who likes to travel and hates to be tied down to any one place, then love is a wonderful extra added attraction.

Her exploratory nature may lead her to have a number of early sex experiences, especially the kind that begin quickly in an exotic setting and have a passionate in-the-moment edge.

She doesn’t always perceive the consequences of romantic entanglements. To her, life means moving forward into the future, and each new love is a learning experience. She doesn’t take into account that when a romance is over it may leave behind a trail of wounded feelings. If an old lover harbors resentment, she is genuinely surprised.

She likes men and women and enjoys the flirtations and maneuvers of a developing affair. In turn, people like her charming, easygoing manner and her acceptance of what the world is like. Other women may prefer the straight and narrow path, but Shae can’t help wandering over to the primrose path to pluck whatever blooms strike her fancy. When she does find her big romance, however, this is a woman who believes in loyalty to her partner. She is a romantic who will marry for love’s sake rather than for money or social position. She wants a true soul-companion.

A sense of humor is one of her nicest traits, and she isn’t interested in someone who lacks a sense of fun. She doesn’t welcome tempestuous, heavy-breathing relationships that put her through an emotional wringer. What she looks for is a lover who can share her sense of adventure. She prefers partners who are intellectually stimulating, well read, and well traveled. Sexually, she doesn’t play control games. She wants sex to be truthful, genuine, very romantic, and very impulsive.

Basically, Shae enjoys life and tries to make sure everyone around her enjoys it too. When this clever, amusing, optimistic, high-spirited woman finally settles down with some lucky person, she’ll be the most delightful companion they can hope to find.

-From The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk

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